Come Fly Away (Role of Kate)
September 3, 8pm (Re-Premiere)
September 11, 8pm
September 21, 8pm
September 24, 8pm
September 29, 8pm
October 10, 3pm

Dans2Go (Pas de la Vestal with Marcin Kupinski)- DEBUT
September 25, 8pm
October 1, 8pm
October 22, 8pm
October 30, 8pm

Romeo & Juliet (Gøgler)
October 2, 8pm
October 5, 8pm
October 14, 8pm
October 19, 8pm
October 23, 8pm
November 4, 8pm

Culture Night (That’s Life & Napoli Pas De Six)
October 15

Guest Performance (Don. Q & Giselle 2nd Act with Jonathan Chmelensky)
October 7

Guest Performance in Berlin for the Danish Queen.
November 11

The Nutcracker (Sugar Plum Fairy & Dewdrop)

*Dates Subject to change due to casting