What Is A Good Ballerina Mid-Night Snack!?

By TurnedOutPointeOfView on Monday, September 23, 2019

Mid-night snacking is something that we all do! And so one should! Live life to the fullest, right!?

The downside of mid-night snacking is that we usually don’t reach for the healthiest option. That tub of ice-cream or bag of chips feels like it is calling out our name. I get it. I love ice-cream. I ration a tub of ice cram with the simple thought, “Well, I deserve it.”

Snacking is tricky, especially when trying to keep that ballerina figure. The pressure is real. So, in order for me to not feel guilty night after night, I reach for my favorite, ballerina approved, 100% satisfying snack,


You can eat a lot of it without adding a daunting amount of calories to your day. You can eat it kernel by kernel or by the fist full. No judgement here. At my house, we eat it by the fist full. 🙂

Here is the recipe!

All Ingredients

Ranch Seasoning Recipe for Mid-Night POPCORN!

1 tablespoon (1tbsp=15ml) SALT
3 tablespoons GARLIC POWDER
2 tablespoons PARMESAN CHEESE
2 1/2 teaspoons (1tsp = 5ml) ONION POWDER
2 teaspoons DRIED DILL WEED

Please note that the seasoning needs to be kept refrigerated because of the fresh Parmesan cheese.

Measure out your Salt and put it in a cup.

Add the Garlic Powder.

Add the Cheese.

Add the Onion Powder and Dried Dill Weed.

Mix all together.

Either make your own popcorn or the lazy method, buy a 4kr bag(s) of popcorn from Netto. That’s how I roll. 🙂

Fill up your bowl/cup/container half way with popcorn and add a spoons full worth of the seasoning.

Then, fill up your container of choice to the top and add as much seasoning as you wish! You can shake it up to help spread the seasoning to every bite!

Sit back, turn on Netflix’s, put those tired feet up, relax and ENJOY!