What Advice Would You Give Your Teenage Self?

By TurnedOutPointeOfView on Monday, November 4, 2019

Thank you for the question, @misslilydoesballet

The teenage years… a tricky moment in anyone’s life. So much uncertainty. Ballerina dreamers have some pretty big decisions to make early on too, not making it any easier.

Should I stay at my local ballet school? Should I join a larger, more renowned school? Should I go to college? Where should I audition? Should I travel to audition? Overseas? If I don’t get a job, should I try the following year? Which company should I go too? Will I ever make it? Why didn’t I make it? Am I too big? Am i too thin? …etc.

It’s mind numbing to have so many thoughts and uncertainties. You will survive it. But you have to go through it, in order to get through it.

The advice I would give my teenage self is, to take one day at a time. There are too many questions without answers to become overly stressed and worried over. Just continue to do the best that you can, on everything that you are doing. From school grades, SAT tests, to your ballet. One step at a time.

Discover what makes you feel fit. You are more then just a number on a scale. By the way, don’t own a scale. It will only bring you down and play games with your head. Instead, learn to pay attention to what makes you feel good. Which foods fuel you better. Which foods don’t. You’ll learn a lot more about your body by paying attention to it, instead of wasting your time and energy trying everybody else’s method. The goal is always to be healthy. Keep it that way.


Translucent setting powder is your best friend. Best makeup trick I’ve ever learned is to finish your makeup with a layer of setting powder. Oh, and use a good face cream at night. You’ll be happy you did when you turn thirty.

Stay curious about the ENTIRE dance world. Know more than the history of one ballet company. Explore the world’s ballet companies. Every company has different strengths. Aspire to adapt some of every companies strengths, in to your own dancing. It will be fun, you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll have so many more idols to look up too.

Maia Makhateli of The Dutch National Ballet.
Sofiane Sylv of the San Francisco Ballet.
Julie Kent of The American Ballet Theater.
Darci Bussell of the Royal Ballet.

Keep your dream ignited and never apologize for being ambitious. Yes, easier said then done. You will have days where you question your dream. We all did. Find that determination to not give up. Grit.

NEVER let your ambition turn your insides ugly due to jealousy. Stay above that. It, again wont be easy because you want your dream so badly. But, try your best to stay above it. It is really more for your own mental health then anything else. Don’t use your precious energy on something as useless as that.

Be kind. Be more then kind to your classmates. None of you know how things will end up in five years. The “favorite” may not even be dancing anymore. The under dog may be the up and coming star. Everyone is fighting their own battles, so always be kind and encouraging towards others.

People will make opinions about you. That’s a fact. You wont be able to change them, unless that person is willing to change them. More often than not, they won’t want to admit that they were wrong, so just keep livin’ as happily as you can.

Be polite. Overly polite. Use Mrs. and Mr. Open the door for others. Say please and always handwrite a thank you card when given a gift. Be classy.

Never stop befriending new people. Just because your “click” feels safe and you guys have guaranteed fun together, don’t miss out on the opportunity of meeting the many fascinating people in this world. Be brave and break the ice by introducing yourself. Meeting new people brings a balance in to your life that you’ll most likely be grateful for.

Own a pet if possible. There really is nothing better than coming home to an animal that loves you after a bad day or even a good day! There is so much love. Cuddles with them can brighten even the toughest days.

My baby, Blue.

Life will throw you corkscrews. Instead of getting angry, look that corkscrew right in the eye and take it as a challenge. Believe in your fate. You are meant to either beat this of have it beat you. Your attitude on challenges will set you apart.

Last but not least, everything happens for a reason. It will truly not feel like it sometimes. You’ll feel like you are walking alone in the dark. Keep the faith. Everything truly does happen for a reason. So, as you take each day, one day at a time, believe that you are being lead to exactly where you are meant to go. Eventually, when you look back… you’ll see.